Thursday, January 22, 2009

Crown of Texas

Pool A

AEV 12 American
Canyon Crush 121
AVA 12 Black
LVC 123 White


AEV 12 American v AVA 12 Black ref: Canyon Crush 121
Canyon Crush 121 vLVC 123 White ref: AEV 12 American
AEV 12 American v LVC 123 White ref: AVA 12 Black
Canyon Crush 121 v AVA 12 Black ref: AEV 12 American
AVA 12 Black v LVC 123 White ref: Canyon Crush 121
AEV 12 American v Canyon Crush 121 ref: LVC 123 White

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

January Jam

Here is the schedule for the tournament this weekend. Games start at 8:30 am at AC.

AEV 12 American vs AEV Black PVP 12 referee
PVP 12 vs X-treme X-plozion 122 AEV 12 American referee
AEV 12 American vs X-treme X-plozion 122 AEV Black referee
PVP 12 vs AEV Black AEV 12 American referee
AEV Black vs X-treme X-plozion 122 PVP 12 referee
AEV 12 American vs PVP 12 X-treme X-plozion referee

Redland Rendezvous

Monday, January 5, 2009

Silver Bracket Champions!

Congratulations to all of the girls for a job well done!

Anyone that was at the Cox Convention Center on Saturday afternoon watching Court 4 would have been extremely sympathetic. It seemed to all of the parents and coaches, that our girls were anything but ready for their first tournament of the season. We had seen them at the practices and KNEW they were capable of playing volleyball, but apparently, we forgot to tell the girls about their capabilities. In our first game, the 3 matches were just sad! In our second game, the girls were able to pull out 2 wins of the 3 matches. It wasn't pretty, but they had some success and it was enough to get them to the Silver bracket the next day. With the day over, the coaches and parents took the girls to eat and back to the hotel for some reflection and some GOOD laughs!

Something must have happened while the girls slept. Maybe the volleyball fairy came and sprinkled volleyball dust over them! On Sunday, they were a WHOLE new team. They showed up to play and it was amazing! This group of girls played like we all knew they could. They had some beautiful serves, sets, kills and overall play. It was amazing as a parent and fan to sit back and watch the transformation for these girls. They walked onto the court Sunday as volleyball players and they walked off as a team! They left their mark in Oklahoma City and started what will hopefully be a long run of success and improvements.

I know I speak for everyone when I say "thank you" to Chancey and Shawna! Your help was greatly appreciated! We wish you both luck with your team this season and look forward to seeing you at the gym.

We are looking forward to getting to know Bridgett and seeing our girls gain even more knowledge of the game.

Congrats again to the Silver Bracket CHAMPIONS!!!!!!!!!